About Us

Marubeni Equipment Finance (Oceania) Pty Ltd (“MEF”) was incorporated in June 2011. The company is 80% owned Marubeni Corporation Japan, founded in 1858, which has global sales exceeding A$80bn. The remaining 20% of MEF is owned by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd Japan.

MEF is a major financier of high value mobile capital equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation, founded in 1858, is a global trading company with sales exceeding A$80 billion per annum. The company has major investments in various activities including:

  • Oil & Liquid natural gas exploration, development & production
  • Iron ore, copper & coal mines
  • Manufacture of steel products
  • Power generation & power retailing
  • Jet aircraft engine development, maintenance and leasing
  • Rail & transport infrastructure
  • Automotive distribution & retailing
  • Heavy machinery export/import, distribution & retailing
  • Agricultural products sales & trading (such as beef, corn, wheat, soy beans, crop protection products & fertilizer)

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd’s origins go back to 1949. The company is a leading global manufacturer of mobile surface mining and construction equipment.