Why Choose Us

Marubeni Equipment Finance can help you satisfy your financial needs with our competitive finance solutions. Here are the reasons we believe your business should choose us for all your equipment finance needs.

Funding diversification

With funding from Marubeni Equipment Finance, you can diversify your sources of finance thereby reducing your company’s business risk. We obtain funding from our shareholders and Japanese financial markets

Asset & Liability matching

Depreciable assets can be matched funded with amortising loans or leases, leading to a better match of the maturity of assets & liabilities

Reduced refinancing risk

During the GFC some major companies experienced difficulties refinancing their maturing non-amortising corporate debt & bond facilities. The greater use of amortising debt through equipment finance loans & leases can reduce refinancing risks

Expanded capital resources

Using equipment finance from Marubeni Equipment Finance enables you increase the total amount of capital funding resources available to your organisation. This helps you free up your banking facilities for working capital needs such as funding inventory, work in progress, debtors & salaries

A wealth of industry experience

Each of our key staff have worked in the equipment finance industry for over 20 years, which means we understand the challenges and complexities involved

Customised financial solutions

We’ll listen to and understand your particular business needs before developing financial solutions that are completely tailored to your situation. Solutions tailored to suit your currency, balance sheet, labour resource, commercial, accounting (AASB & US GAAP) and taxation requirements

More options

Equipment finance through Marubeni Equipment Finance provides you more options. At the end of a financing it may be possible (subject to prior agreement) to either purchase or return the equipment or renew the equipment lease

Foreign currency

Equipment financing from Marubeni Equipment Finance is available in AUD or USD or Yen. For mining companies USD financing can provide a natural currency hedge for those mining companies with USD income

Easy machine disposal

Finance facilities from Marubeni Equipment Finance can help you avoid the headache of equipment disposal/resale and can avoid risk associated with the volatility of second hand equipment markets

Consistent service

Unlike the major banks, Marubeni Equipment Finance doesn’t run ‘hot and cold’ on the mining, forestry and construction industries